Mike Sanchez Jr.

I am avid whitetail deer hunter, dove and turkey hunter, as well saltwater fisherman. Been hunting South Texas now for 42 years since my dad introduced me to the sport at a young age. Have been fortunate to have taken many trophies over the 160in mark during my hunting career. Have traveled to the western states to hunt mule deer and mountain lion but there is nothing like seeing a big South Texas buck walk out of the brush.
My area of specialization is hunting South Texas.

Freddy Martinez
I am an avid whitetail deer hunter love hunting in South Texas.  I have 10 years of hunting experience and love the sport. I am mostly a gun hunter, but occasionally pick up my Mathews bow. My skill set includes website/graphic design and social media with primary focus in the deer industry from hunting ranches, outfitters, and deer breeding. So if you need help shoot me an email. My area of specialization is hunting South Texas.  for more check out  www.cuernosgrande.com


Jeff Humbird



Started going to the woods with my father, uncle and brother from the time I could walk. Would ride on their shoulders when I was too small the follow them. I was hunting with my mother at age 4 when I shot my first deer. The shot was all of about 3 feet from a ground blind. By the age of 7 I was hunting on my own.


Was raised wondering the woods of East Texas up thought my teens spent many hours hunting, trapping and enjoying the outdoors. Hunted West Texas and the Hill country for many a year. Have hunted in Co. and MN. for a few years.


Been hunting South Texas the last 10 years with Mike Sanchez Jr. has been very rewarding. I enjoy filming and looking at the wildlife as much as in taking it. Enjoy taking others to hunt be it first timers or not.

Eric Gonzales

A&E Outfitters

Ricky Garcia

Mesquite Thorn Outfitters

EJ Varos

Buena Suerte Ranch